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SDC Members Information

Membership in the SDC is mandatory for the public shareholding companies, brokers, custodians, and any other entity determined by the JSC Board of Commissioners.

Public Shareholding Companies   Financial Services Companies
Banking SectorInsurance Sector
Services SectorIndustry Sector
Public Issuers
The SDC registers and publishes data related to deposited securities of government bonds and corporate bonds.
Corporate Actions
The SDC publishes information on corporate actions as decrease or increase of capital and mergers on its website by using various search options that provide the possibility of query and search to provide aggregated or detailed data about corporate actions.
Board Members & Representatives Trading
Based on the SDC’s role in enhancing disclosure and transparency in the Jordan Capital Market, the SDC publishes information about ownerships and trading of representatives of the board of directors’ members of the public shareholding companies, in addition to the shareholders who own 1% or more of the share capital of public shareholding companies.
Investors Nationalities
The SDC publishes statistical data related to investors’ ownerships according to the nationality for all countries on its website by selecting the region and country. It also provides a chart for comparison between countries in the same region, which represent a comprehensive source of information and data for investors, researchers and stakeholders.
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