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Suggestions and Complaints Management Methodology in the Securities Depository Center

General objective:

These procedures aim to regulate the process of handling complaints and suggestions provided by service recipient with fairness and transparency. Also, its objective is to take advantage of suggestions and ideas of the service recipients, for the sake of continuous improvement, and development on the level of services and operations provided by the institution.

Ways to submit suggestions and complaints:

Service recipient can use any of the following ways to make suggestions and/ or complaints:

  • Filling the suggestions and complaints form located next to the suggestions and complaints box and put it in that box.
  • Filling the suggestions and complaints form published on the SDC website (
  • Reporting a complaint or suggestion through sending an email to
  • Reporting a complaint or suggestion through E-Complaint System on the following link: (

Procedures of opening suggestions and complaints boxes:

  1. Opening the suggestions and complaints boxes every ten days if there is any form, or when the need arises.
  2. Opening the suggestions and complaints boxes only by the authorized committee members.
  3. Preparing sequential minutes immediately upon completion the process of opening the boxes.
  4. Sending the forms along with a signed copy of the minutes by the authorized committee members, to the head of suggestions and complaints committee.
  5. Same procedures will be taken for suggestion and complaints extracted from the SDC website or the E-Complaint System.

Procedures of dealing with suggestions and complaints forms:

  1. The committee classifies the forms according to the following categories:
    • Suggestion
    • Complaint
    • Compliment
  2. The committee reviews the complaints.
  3. Verifying that the (complaint/ suggestion /compliment ) meet the basic requirements in terms of basic data, subject, scope.
  4. Registering the (complaint / suggestion / compliment) in the record and entering the data based on the serial number.
  5. Classifying the (complaints / suggestions / compliments) according to the approved classification system of the governmental institutions.
  6. Defining the concerned party of the (complaint / suggestion /compliment).
  7. Sending the (complaint / suggestion / compliment )to the concerned party.
  8. Contacting the person who submit the (complaint/ suggestion/ praise) to acknowledge receipt of his (complaint/ suggestion/ praise) and thank him for making it and that the subject is under study. In addition to inform him about the expected time for answering him.
  9. Following up the (complaint / suggestion) with the concerned department within the expected time to answer.
  10. In case of the (complaint /compliment) is related to any member of the suggestions and complaints committee, the committee excludes that member to discuss that issue.
  11. If any suggestion is adopted, the proposer would be notified that the suggestion is adopted and gave him a letter of thanks.
  12. Complaints from anonymous will not be neglected; and will be registered in a record with a serial number and identified as unknown. The committee will study these complaints and take any advantage from them.
  13. All complaints, from recipients of the services, related to commitment to providing services within the advertised criteria will be responded within one week from the date of submission.
  14. Complaints and suggestions will be handled with seriousness, transparency and neutrality.

Please provide us with your feedback about the SDCs methodology of managing the suggestions and complaints



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