Saturday  25 June  2016  - 06:18 

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19-06-2016 Completion of the Share Capital Increase of the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Co. 16-06-2016 Completion of the Share Capital Increase of the Comprehensive Multiple Transport Co. 16-06-2016 Completion of the Share Capital Increase of the Al-bilad Medical Services Co. 16-06-2016 Release the Lock-up on Shares of Capital Increase of the Babelon Investments Co. 01-06-2016 Working hours during the Holy Month of Ramadan
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Jordan Petroleum Refinery 19-06-2016 Capitalization
Al-bilad Medical Services 15-06-2016 Private Subscription
Comprehensive Multiple Transport 15-06-2016 Private Subscription
The Arab Financial Investment 05-06-2016 Decrease
The Jordanian Electric Power 05-06-2016 Capitalization
Siniora Food Industries 29-05-2016 Capitalization
Philadelphia Pharmaceuticals 29-05-2016 Capitalization
Specialized Investment Compounds 23-05-2016 Decrease
Jordan Commercial Bank 22-05-2016 Capitalization
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